We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals capable of imagining and projecting solutions in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscaping and design from the technical-economic rigor and with a permanent commitment to the client.

The professional career of TALLER d’ARQUITECTURA focuses on single-family homes, commercial buildings, dotational equipment, architectural competitions, technical and urban consulting …, both in the public and private sectors, from the integral development of the project to the management and control of the work (structure, construction process, facilities, budget, control of execution …).

The success of a project lies in the reflection of all aspects involved in architecture.

The work method of TALLER d’ARQUITECTURA responds creatively, with quality and professionalism, the program of needs of the client from the realization of the first sketch until the completion of the work based on technical, economic and sustainable criteria.


TALLER d’ARQUITECTURA controls and coordinates the building process, due to its direct impact on the configuration of the spaces. With a commitment of functionality, economy, harmony and environmental balance, in order to comply with the basic quality requirements, including its facilities, to satisfy the basic requirements of safety and habitability.


TALLER d’ARQUITECTURA prepares reports and expert opinions, with rigorous studies and visits to the facilities, for lawyers and individuals to meet their needs in a technical, simple and orderly manner. (Certificates, appraisals, valuations, appraisals, certifications, pathologies in construction …)


TALLER d’ARQUITECTURA deals with the design and management of issues related to the planning of the territory of our environment. From the development of subdivisions, segregation and division of properties to figures of urban planning (Partial Plans, Reform Plan, Special Plans, Catalog of Protected Goods and Spaces, Detailed Studies …)


TALLER d’ARQUITECTURA performs topographic survey of plots for subdivisions, demarcations, measurements, … for the development of projects or to resolve discrepancies with Cadastre or other Administrations.


TALLER d’ARQUITECTURA aims to improve the qualities of the interior space of your home or business premises: through distribution, functionality, materials, lighting, acoustics, facilities, technology … Works are also carried out organization, contracting and management of the draft.


TALLER d’ARQUITECTURA offers a consulting service to provide answers and services to all phases of your project. We manage the elaboration and processing of your projects, advising you in compliance with regulations, the processing of licenses, authorizations of the administration, through permanent contact with administrations …